*Editor’s Note: Dear SPANily, this list of horrible insults and manipulative phrases was submitted by fellow narcissistic abuse survivor, Anna, who tells her story in this post. I’m publishing it here because I agree with Anna in that it may help one of our fellow survivors to recognize their own abuse. Love, Angie

By Anna

I started keeping a list of his abusive phrases months ago mostly because I needed to see them in writing to believe they were real. I cannot fathom why I’ve allowed him to say these things to me. I am sharing them with you (sorry for some of the language) so you can share them if you like. Maybe they will help another victim to know there is hope and that there are people who understand.

Here is the list. 

  1. I am late because of you
  2. I have to take care of you
  3. This is what I have to do everyday-work for you and those fucking cats
  4. Do you know how much you eat?
  5. You’re a pig
  6. Everything will be ok if you just shut the fuck up
  7. All women are whores
  8. Do you know how good you got it?
  9. Get the fuck out of the truck, bitch
  10. You’re fucking stupid
  11. You know i love you, right?
  12. Don’t touch me
  13. Get away from me
  14. Here I bought you this
  15. Has anyone else ever done this much for you?
  16. Women don’t have friends
  17. It’s because you’re stupid
  18. Fix me something to eat, bitch
  19. I am going to bust you in your teeth
  20. You are so fucking stupid
  21. That’s how you do
  22. Think about it, how good you got it
  23. You can’t even take care of yourself
  24. If you show up with a black eye, you better tell them everything is ok
  25. Why are so mean to me?
  26. I knew you had something going on, you planned this
  27. I don’t need you; I don’t care if you are here or not
  28. You’re nasty
  29. You know what you did wrong?
  30. I don’t give a fuck
  31. You know how much you cost me?
  32. Get your shit and get out; never come back to this house!
  33. I will pay for it and then I will own me
  34. See what you did to me?
  35. I cannot be happy because I am with you
  36. It’s about time to beat your ass
  37. You are almost well enough to be hit
  38. I have to deal with everything
  39. Do you understand me?
  40. Is there anything else?
  41. I am going to break this phone
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