You may think that someone who is constantly sharing selfies is a narcissist. In fact, you may think that is the only sign that someone could be a narcissist if they are always putting up the flawless filtered selfies all over their social media channels only to get plenty of likes.

In some cases, that could be a sign. But not always – taking selfies does not make one a TOXIC narcissist. In any case, that is not the only sign, and that is not the most concerning sign that someone is a narcissist. Let’s look at 5 examples of narcissistic behavior.

1. Being Extremely Charming…Sometimes

People want to make a nice impression that they are kind and often put on an act when they hook up with a new date for the first while. That is normal. And over time, you will see how their true personalities are. But putting on an act of being nice and kind is not the same as someone who is so charming to the point that you know they must be hiding something. They most definitely are hiding something with that charm but it shows up once the charm wears off. And behind closed doors? They are a completely different person. Unless they want something from you. This video fills you in on that “intermittent reinforcement” stuff.

2. Having A Sense Of Importance Which Is Extremely Inflated

Those who show narcissistic behaviors think that they are the only ones whose needs and wants count. They will think it is just fine, for instance, to cut in front of lines because they are more deserving of getting something than anyone else. Others will be mad when they see the narcissist cutting in line but the narcissist will not care.

Another example of this behavior is when the narcissist has been put on hold while being on the phone with customer service. As soon as the narcissist is served, he or she will scream at the customer service rep for making him or her wait on the phone for so long because their needs are more important than anyone else’s. This video will give you a better understanding of narcissists and their outrageous sense of entitlement.

3. No Empathy Whatsoever

A narcissist is not empathetic. They do not care if someone is suffering, and they do not want to hear about it. In fact if someone is having a hard time and they try talking to the narcissist, then the narcissistic will not just ignore them but will tell them to be quiet and get over it. At worst, he or she may even laugh. According to one study, narcissists can be taught empathy, but there’s a catch. This video will explain exactly what I mean.

4. A Strong Need To Be Admired Excessively

A narcissist will brag about their accomplishments because they have this strong need to be admired and they need the attention. They will also make it known if they were ‘heroic’ somehow to someone, such as opening the door for an elderly couple at the mall. Not that the narcissistic cares about that elderly couple as it was already covered that they are not empathetic. They just did it so that they have something to brag about, as they did a ‘good deed’. And this is exactly why narcissists tend to have their very own little “harem” – which is described in this video.

5. Having One Troubled Relationship After Another (Because It Is Always The Ex’s Fault)

If someone who displays these traits and talks about so many exes that they had, and who blames them for ruining their relationships – then that is a red flag right there. Of course, it is never the narcissist’s fault for having so many failed relationships. That also brings it to how the narcissist blames others for everything as they will never take responsibility for what they do. Not only that, but they have a toxic relationship cycle that goes on in each relationship (and repeats throughout their relationships in their lifetime). This video will give you the 411 on the narcissist’s toxic relationship cycles. 

Any of this sound familiar to you? Think you’re in a toxic relationship? Take our toxic relationship test today and find out if your relationship is making you sick. By Miriam Slozberg