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Having clutter around us can leave a feeling of tension or anxiety.  To begin with, there is always laundry laying everywhere and when you are cleaning there has to be a place to go with it all.  That’s why we have started in the Laundry Room. Today we are talking about removing rust stains without harsh chemicals!

Do you have a shirt with rust stains?  Worried about using harsh chemicals to remove the stain?

Let me teach you how to remove rust from your clothes without using harsh chemicals.

The items you will need are:

1) An old towel

2) A clean towel but one you don’t care about – we may be transferring the stain to it

3) Table salt

4) Lemon juice


1) Lay your clothes on top of the old towel.

2) Make a paste using table salt and lemon juice.

3) Apply the paste to your rust stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

4) Remove the paste and Pour more lemon juice onto the stain.

5) Blot the stain with your clean towel using a clean section each time.

6) Let the garment air dry to ensure the stain has been completely removed before washing it

Pro Tip: Never dry an item that still has a stain or the dryer heat will set it making it almost impossible to remove.

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