Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting narcissists? Are you interested in learning how to stop attracting narcissists? Do you find yourself wondering, “Am I a narcissist magnet?”

“Understanding how a narcissist works is the key to living or working with one,” writes Alexander Burgemeester. “If you can understand his or her behavior, you may be able to accept it as you realize their behavior is NOT a result of anything you did or said despite them emphatically blaming you. If you can accept their behavior and not take the abuse and other actions personally, you can then emotionally distance yourself from the narcissist. If you can emotionally distance yourself, you can either cope with the narcissist or garner the strength to leave.”

What qualities attract narcissists? While there is no single “type” that a narcissist typically goes for, technically – there are no parallels to be drawn among the partners of narcissists as far as height, weight, eye color or any other physical or cultural characteristic. While it’s safe to say many partners of narcissists are codependent, there’s no “ideal” or “standard” mate/friend/spouse for a narcissist, but it turns out that there are certain similarities about the relationships.

For example, the narcissist typically begins a new relationship with a “honeymoon” period, during which everything seems perfect, almost too good to be true. We call that the idealization phase.

Living in a relationship with a narcissist is like an emotional roller coaster ride – the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And a narcissist cannot exist without someone to adore them. They need a narcissistic supply who is willing to do what they want when they want. To be available at the narcissist’s whim and to be willing to give up on their own needs to satisfy the narcissist.

In fact, the narcissist’s entire identity really depends on it—it’s called narcissistic supply. Watch this video to learn the 4 types of people that attract narcissists. You might be surprised!

In this video, I’m breaking down 4 types of people who attract narcissists. We’ll talk about what type of people the narcissist is most attracted to and why.

https://queenbeeing.com/are-you-a-narcissist-magnet-4-types-of-people-who-seem-to-attract-narcissists/ By Angela Atkinson