The Evolution of Echo: Meet the Authors, Hear Their Narcissist & Toxic Relationship Stories – Get yours: Within every culture, race, religion, income bracket and country, there are abusive, toxic people hiding in plain sight. They are part of your family, you’re married to them; you work with them. They might be your friends, part of your family of worship and your neighbors. The spectrum of toxicity is broad, and when cluster B personality types are involved, it gets more complicated. When you’re dealing with a narcissist in any type of relationship, you’re bound to be dealing with a subtle form of psychological abuse that no one wants to talk about. You can walk down the street and look perfectly normal – this kind of abuse doesn’t leave bruises and it doesn’t leave broken bones. But it leaves scars that feel like they’ll never go away. Toxic people play mind games with you. They put you down in sneaky ways that are hard for outsiders to detect. They triangulate you with others, isolate you from your friends and your family. They use gaslighting and projection to control and manipulate you. By Angela Atkinson