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Discovering The Rules of Attraction

The rules of attraction (most commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction) are undisputable, natural laws, like the law of gravity. Can you ignore them? Yes, you can, with the same disastrous consequences as if you ignored the law of gravity. It takes more energy to dismiss the Law of Attraction than it does to harness it and use it to your advantage. Just understanding how it works is the first step in doing this. What’s a good example of the Law of Attraction, A very basic example that everyone has witnessed at some time in their lives...

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Best Diets To Lose Weight

Wanna eat something tasty and yummy and still lose weight?? All the best diet plans are based on restrictions on carbohydrates, fats and high calorie products. During diet plans you can take fruits, green leafy vegetables, roughages and foodstuffs having less calories. Top Diet Plans: The Cabbage Soup diet has been used by dieters for years. This diet includes many versions but the simple one is that if you eat cabbage soup when you are hungry it will fill you up and will help you stay on low calorie diet. While you are on cabbage soup diet you must not...

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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back ? Understand the Psychology of Men

This article is all about how to get your ex boyfriend back. In order to do this, you have to get into the psychology of men. Guys operate differently than girls do. Understanding men is the first step in how to get your ex boyfriend back. First of all, understand that guys are visual creatures. Where women place a guys looks as “somewhat important” in terms of who they go out with, for men it is often the number one criteria. Think back to the moment when you met your ex. How did you look then? You may have...

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What You Need to Know About Cyber Crime

There is a very old and correct saying that goes on to say that a coin has two sides. Like a coin almost every aspect of life has two sides. For example the most common example can be taken of the advent of technology and the crime associated with it. With the advent of time and technology, computers have formed an integral part of the working society. Computers along with them have brought greater work and time efficiency in the working circle of the society as a whole. But there comes the twist. Along with all the benefits that...

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Weight Loss Tip: Don’t be a New Year’s Casualty!

I got so caught up in this year’s fitness goals that I completely forgot about something that I usually brace myself for this time of year. But no sooner had I stepped into my gym a week or two ago than I was sharply reminded of it. Reminded of what?, you may ask. The New Year’s Resolution crowd. They come every year like snowbirds to Florida; they’re so predictable, that I can literally set my watch by them at the stroke of midnight each New Year’s Eve. And they’re so easy to tell from everyone else, too. They show...

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