This week’s Celebrity Queen Bee is  the amazingly beautiful and multi-talented Jennifer Lopez. Here’s why we love JLo.


Jennifer Lopez: Why She’s Our Celeb QB

Sure, Jen’s got her haters, but we don’t care. Haters are gonna hate, you know? 

Not only does the 45-year-old look amazing (and, without being rude, better than a lot of 25-year-olds I know!), but she’s also a triple threat – singer, actress, clothing designer and more.

So maybe more than a triple threat. Plus, Lopez is considered the most influential Hispanic performer in the United States, having broken racial barriers in the entertainment industry in droves. 

Jennifer Lopez: Queen Diva With a Purpose

jloSure, Jennifer Lopez seems to have a bit of a “diva” reputation among the gossip columnists, but you’ve got to wonder: why does she get what she wants?

Why and how did she go from being Jenny on the Block to the multi-talented, well-respected artist she is today?

Jennifer Lopez: Rose From Humble But Strong Beginnings

Consider Lopez’s humble beginnings. Though she grew up in a relatively poor family, there seems to have been a lot of love.

So, how’d she go from “Jenny on the Block” to the amazing Jennifer Lopez she is today? She might just have her parents to thank.

It seemed that despite their struggles, they did manage to have enough resources to start her in singing and dancing classes at the age of five. 

She was cast in her first film in 1986 while she was still in high school. 

Lopez is often quoted as saying she’s just got high standards for herself and her life (and, if we’re being honest, we’ve got to admit that she’s leading a truly epic life, right?).

Secrets of Success: High Standards, Self Confidence and Getting What You Give

“I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated,” Lopez says. “I bring a lot to the table. I’m not talking about material things but what I have to offer as a person – love and loyalty and all the things that make a good relationship.”

As far as her looks and body, Lopez is very confident in herself, and according to several interviews, always has been. 

“I was always very comfortable with who I was. Confident. I’ve never looked at my body in a negative way,” she says. 

And, when it comes to career and personal development, JLo looks to the Law of Attraction. 

“You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them,” she says.

Jennifer Lopez, we love you. Keep being your awesome and inspiring self! <3 By Angela Atkinson