Cognitive Dissonance, Feeling Conflicted and Trauma Bonds 


Cognitive Dissonance is the holding of two conflicting beliefs or values at the same time.You know the feeling of really not wanting to be with the narcissist ever again but then feeling the urge to contact them? That is just one example of cognitive dissonance.  When experiencing cognitive dissonance thoughts and emotions feel conflicted and can really cause you to experience self doubt as well as self blame and shame.  The trauma bonds we feel after narcissistic abuse are amplified by this state of cognitive dissonance making it really difficult to move on. For many survivors it can be very difficult to get to the point of acceptance of who the narcissist really is when feeling cognitive dissonance. The following video explains cognitive dissonance as it relates to narcissistic abuse and includes ideas and tips to help you with understanding what is  happening to you as well as to make changes to get past the cognitive dissonance. Please understand this is not your fault and a very normal thing to feel and experience when trauma bonded. Hang in there survivors, it really does get better!

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