Communal Narcissists – Communal narcissism is a type of narcissism in which the narcissist gets validation from the people around them (the community) by doing good deeds or acts community service. They expect and need attention and praise for all of their generous acts and could also be called altruistic narcissists. They are different from covert narcissists and often can be narcissistic women who may have mental health issues, but not always. Men can also be communal narcissists.

Dr. Craig Malkin defined communal narcissism in his book, Rethinking Narcissism (get your copy here: Malkin says communal narcissists “regard themselves as especially nurturing, understanding, and empathic. They proudly announce how much they give to charity or how little they spend on themselves. They trap you in a corner at a party and whisper excitedly about how thoughtful they’ve been to their grieving next-door neighbor. That’s me—I’m a born listener! They believe themselves better than the rest of humanity, but cherish their status as givers, not takers.”

In this video, I’ll fill you in on what it is and how communal narcissism differs from “regular” or agency narcissism. Plus, I’ll share the results of a recent study on communal narcissists. By Angela Atkinson