“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel

DIY at home fat flushSometimes you need a little boost in your weight loss efforts, whether you’re just starting out or you’re well on your way. 

I know I do, anyway. Here’s how I deal.

A DIY Solution 

If you need to jumpstart or restart your weiget loss to get past a stubborn plateau, try this DIY at-home fat flush.

Please note: before you try this or any other diet or exercise program, visit your health care professional and be sure it’s safe for you personally.

Boosting Your Metabolism and Increasing Calorie Burn

Kicking your metabolism into gear can help you burn more calories rather than adding more fat to your body. This obviously benefits you in your weight loss goals, but how can you do it at home?

Try this DIY At-Home Fat Flush

Flushing the fat from your body can seriously increase your metabolic rate and help to eliminate toxins that cause you to feel bloated and sluggish.

Junk in the Trunk?

As women, we often store fat three main areas – butt, hips and thighs. Flushing out the fat allows you to target these specific areas of your body, rather than other diets where you may actually lose muscle mass. It’s a pretty interesting concept.

5 #DIY Tips to Flush the Fat From Your Body

Here are five tips for flushing unwanted fat out of your body that will lead you to increased metabolism, faster calorie burn, and ultimately, a greater chance of meeting your weight loss goals in far less time.

1. Play the food-tracking game. Lower calorie intake. Calorie count should be between 1000 and 1500 daily for the first couple of weeks.

During your DIY fat flush, you should add some good fat (such as flaxseed oil or my personal favorite, coconut oil) as well as some protein, vegetables and fruit. Spices (such as cayenne pepper) are also a great addition to the diet plan.

2. Get your 8 glasses a day. Drink plenty of water, green tea and other liquids that act as a diuretic to flush out toxins and fat.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep acts as a restorative process for your body and shouldn’t be neglected.

3. Keep a journal with a running record of your activities, food and drink. You can jot the information in a notebook or enter it into one of the many online “journals” that are available.

4. Get your ass moving. Like it or not, you have got to exercise is if you want this to work, but don’t overdo it. You may feel weak because of decreased calorie intake. A brisk walk around the block or ten minutes on the treadmill will suffice.

5. Keep it up for 14 days. After two weeks on the at-home DIY fat flush, you can increase your calorie intake to 1500 calories and slowly add more carbohydrates to your diet. Follow this plan until you reach your desired weight. By then, your metabolism will have the boost it needs to work more efficiently.

Important to Remember

I wasn’t just covering my butt when i said you need to talk to ypur doctor before you try this at home. Some medical professionals believe that drastically lowering your calories is unhealthy because you’ll eventually put the weight back on.

And on some levels, that’s true, especially if you use this as a quick fix instead of a tool on a longer journey – a real lifestyle change. It’s true that you lose weight rapidly with this plan – and unless you stick to your new lifestyle, you’ll more than likely regain it later.

For the record, I’m not some random internet coach who is talking theory here. While i am a certified life coach, I’m also a real person who has been there, and done that. Check out my story of how I lost 100 pounds and have successfully maintained the loss for more than three years so far. 

Do i recommend this fat flush as a long-term weight loss solution? Definitely not. However, if you have a deadline to meet (such as fitting into that new bikini before your first trip to the beach), try the fat flushing diet for a couple of weeks to see quick and pleasing results. And then keep your new lifestyle on track to maintain your results.