You too can fertilize your tomato plants like a pro.

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Spring is finally here! The winter snow has melted and my bulbs are starting to sprout green leaves in preparation of flowers. That means garden time!

I am planting my garden in a raised bed this year. The usual cucumbers, potatoes, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes are just some of the things that we will be enjoying fresh this summer. Last year I found a great way to fertilize my tomato plants. I had the biggest juiciest tomatoes. YUM! Here are my tricks to fertilize your tomatoes like a professional.

Mmmm! Juicy tomato!

Egg Shells – Keep your egg shells! I boil eggs for breakfast, lunches, dinner. I use eggs for baking. Every eggshell is kept and goes into my garden as fertilizer for tomatoes. Crunch them up and put them in a baggy. Keep them in the freezer all year until you are ready to plant.

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Coffee and Tea Grounds – My household drinks tea all day long. Also, we love our coffee. Make sure to keep all of your coffee and tea grounds for your garden.

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After you dig the hole for your tomato plants mix the egg shells with the coffee and/or tea grounds and dump in the bottom. Stir your concoction up for a minute and then plant your tomatoes like normal. Make sure to fertilize your plants on a regular basis throughout the summer using Miracle Grow or any other brand that you trust. Combined with your in ground homemade fertilizer your tomatoes will be bigger than ever.

Tip: I like to take a 20 ounce soda bottle, poke holes in it, and bury it next to my plants. This way I can water and fertilize the roots down deep. Tomato plants love their water.

Have any fertilizing tips or tricks for the garden? Message me and let me know.

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