True Answers on Narcissistic Relationship Recovery: Healing Codependency & Moving Forward Q&A 

This is a special video for survivors of narcissistic abuse that’s a direct response to some of their most personal questions.

I’m answering your questions on healing and moving forward after a narcissistic relationship, including gaslighting and NPD and setting boundaries.

The narcissistic abuse recovery questions answered in the video include the following.

  1. How do I move on after I’ve spent the last two years as a recluse? I feel trapped in my head.
  2. How can I head forward to a real life filled with joy?
  3. How about how do you find the strength to say no to those you know and care for, who really need your help, when you can’t find the time to help yourself, without feeling like a huge…apple?
  4. How do you get your self-esteem back after narcissistic abuse??
  5. I feel so ashamed that I was abused. I am torn between wanting to tell people what he has done and being too scared that he will hurt me or the children, or use it in court against me. How do I find my voice?
  6. I’m scared I will fall for another narcissist. How do I stay away from these people in the future?
  7. I don’t know what a healthy relationship is; for me all men are liars, cheaters, and cold-hearted manipulators. What does a healthy relationship look like?
  8. How do you get past the “Will I ever have companionship again?” The neediness of wanting someone is killing my spirit.
  9. How can you get over being triggered by things that remind you of the ex??
  10. What to do when I can’t stop thinking about my ex? By Angela Atkinson