Let’s talk labels.  Join me!

We have talked about using labels in the fridge on different shelves, drawers, and bins.  However, did you know that you can also use labels to encourage healthy eating in your family? Most of the time when we are hungry we reach for the closest thing to eat.  This is normally a bag of chips or a snack cake. Why? Well, those items are pre-packaged and easily accessible.

Let’s take 15 minutes after our grocery store run each week to prepare healthy snacks that are just as easy to grab and eat.  

Grab a bin or decide on a drawer that you can use in the fridge for healthy snacks.  Grab your labeler and label one side of your drawer fruits and the other side veggies.  If you are using bins do the same, if the bin is not big enough for both then use two bins – one for each.  Get those small ziplock baggies and make up individual sized portions of carrots, snap peas, tomatoes, and all those yummy veggies.  Place them on the Veggie side of your drawer. Same goes for fruits. Makeup bags of grapes, strawberries, or your family’s favorite fruits and place on the other side of the drawer.  Now, when your family gets a hunger craving they have healthy options to choose from.

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http://mommylives.com/healthy-snacks/ By Melina Ann