Hey, Y’all! My name is Riley Editor-In-Chief here at mommylives.com! I also own and operate another blog over at The Luxurious Momma. I am a young momma of 2 toddlers and living out my dreams of being a stay at home mom while earning a living. I have always been passionate about not having to give up on your dreams and passions just because you became “MOM”.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself let me tell you how I got started on this fabulous journey.

As I sat, frustrated on my bed, 7 months pregnant with my first child, Landon. I reached out to my cousin (Angie, You will probably hear from her from time to time) and asked her how she was able to make a full-time salary from home. I had always wondered but never knew the ends and the outs of what she did. That’s the day the sky opened up and my passion started to flow, for creating content that helps other people. I started to write a few posts here and there on one of her sites. But I found myself becoming more and more frustrated because I still didn’t know what I was doing. But there was ONE THING I DID KNOW, I was going to make my dream of being a work at home mom WORK. So, I took some time off and when I say sometimes I mean 14 months. During this time, I did a LOT of research and soul searching as well. When my second child, Avery, was born I instantly knew I had to get back into this blogging world and get serious about it if I wanted to make it work.

And I did! I jumped right back in, got serious and went to work. Now with that being said, it was not without hard work and a lot of sleepless nights and well (TEARS LOTS AND LOTS OF TEARS). But I did it because it was my DREAM to be a full-time mom by day, and a full-time blogger by night. But it was the best decision I have ever made.

I started to be unapologetically me and share my thoughts fears and wishes. And boy did it work!

Now I’m not here to try and convince you to quit your day job a be a stay at home mommy blogger. I am here to help you pursue your passions and dreams. Whether that is to be the #1 photographer in your state or has the energy and confidence to put on makeup every day or to be a rock star!

Whatever your dreams are, be unapologetically you and you will be a lot happier.

Basically, Never Give Up On Things That Make You Smile!

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