How Narcissists Think and Act, Decoded – The psychology of narcissists and narcissistic personality disorder. Answering your questions on narcissists and their behavior, psychology and more.

(Ask Me Anything Q&A on Manipulation, Dating Narcissists, Dealing with Them in Counseling and More)

Questions answered in this video are from people in the narcissistic abuse survivor community and they include the following.

  1. How come the narcissist can feel anger, jealousy and rage but he or she can’t feel love and empathy or compassion how come they only feel negative side what happened to the positive side and why is there no cure – don’t they make a pill for this?
  2. Why does my narc sister seem to want to be me? She has chased every boyfriend and made moves on my husband, died her hair to match mine, she’s copied everything down to my memories. Claiming things that I experienced as her own. Copied my hobbies, music and even steals my creative work. It’s very upsetting and disturbing.
  3. Just found out my Wife of 6 years has is a Narc. What is the best way of confronting her about all six years being fake / cheating with and without proof on most of these other supplies… our marriage counselor stated that she will never fix things and unfortunately the only way of confronting is in a therapy session in order to not experience an explosion!?
  4. Is it wise when you do approach professionals, such as doctors, psychologists etc. to mention that you think that person has NPD?
    My experience in that field is that they don’t take it seriously. By Angela Atkinson