Somehow, I don’t feel like this post belongs on QueenBeeing. So, I’m putting it here. In this video, I answer 10 personal questions asked of me by my community. The questions are as follows.

  1. What have you done for fun lately?
  2. What’s wrong with your eyes? They look really weird.
  3. Do you still write articles to sell?
  4. When is your birthday?
  5. Why do you talk so fast sometimes?
  6. Are you a narcissist?
  7. What’s your sign?
  8. Why don’t you make coffee videos anymore? I loved those.
  9. How can I start a YouTube channel like yours?
  10. Another YouTuber has said or done something I didn’t like, would you please call them out?

The answers are in the video. 🙂 Thoughts? Tweet me @angieatkinson or tell me on Facebook.