To work as a couple is usually pretty difficult, especially when you try to satisfy the tastes and desires of both parties. Each one has his or her own carrier, she has her tastes, he has his, and together they must find a solution to a compromise they never managed to make.

Pretty hard to accomplish, especially because both try to argument their point of view and they try to make their theory win in totality, without letting some ideas of the other party slip within.

The compromise

Let’s say this is a big house. She is an art collector and he isn’t. Then she gets the living as a space for her hobby and he gets the mansard. She will decide the style of one bedroom, he will decide the office-room decoration. And so on… this is usually a satisfactory solution as long as each of them gets to decorate the rooms that mean most to them.

Another approach is to try and find out just what are those common points they have. There must be common points, there always are, just that no one thought of finding them yet. Discovering common tasted will help the couple discover a new life style. This is a good solution to stay out of couples’ therapy whenever you stumble across some misunderstanding.

What to learn from this,

Each one of them has to learn something that is the whole point in these kinds of misunderstandings. They have to learn to know their limits and each other’s also. They must understand and remember the wishes and desires of the other one, they must learn not to try and impose their opinion at any cost because there surely are other solutions. Making common decisions and learning to compromise will make the couple happy.

Perfect couple for decorating the house

The perfect couple, which will please the interior designer is a couple of well educated and behaved persons. It will be a nice surprise once both persons will add their own suggestions without fighting over them, when they are correctly informed and willing to understand the other’s opinions.

Living and decorating together means mostly finding the middle ways, that can satisfy both parties and still look good.