Are you worried that your spouse might be having an affair? For a number of reasons, it can be hard to tell if your spouse is cheating on you. But if you’re willing to look closely, many cheating spouses eventually show signs of being unfaithful, most of which are associated with their behavior.

If you’re worried that your spouse or partner has been cheating on you, start figuring it out now by taking this test. When you finish the test, you’ll be given your results as well as some help with what to do next.

Is your partner cheating on you?

Could your partner be cheating on you? Take this quiz and find out if it’s possible. 

Has your partner been avoiding eye contact with you?

Yes, at least some of the time lately.

No, not any more than usual.

Has your sex life suddenly changed?

Yes, we are having more sex than we ever did in the recent past!

Yes, we are having less sex than before.

Not really. We have sex more or less the same amount as usual.

Has your partner suddenly stopped saying “I love you” as much as before, or at all?

Yes, and it was a sudden change.

No, it’s about as often as usual.

No, suddenly, my partner seems to be really lovey toward me.

Does your partner seem to feel guilty when you do nice things for him or her?

Yes, sometimes. But this is a new behavior.

Yes, sometimes, but they have always been that way.

No, never.

Have you recently started getting a lot of gifts from your partner?

Yes, and this is a new thing.

Yes, but my partner has always been this way.

No, my partner isn’t really into gifts and never has been.

No, I get gifts but it’s about as often as before.

Has your partner started making excuses to avoid spending time with you?

Yes, and this is new. We used to spend more time together.

No, we spend the same amount of time together as we always did.

Yes, but they are not excuses. My partner has started working more or has a new activity taking up his/her time.

Has your partner recently started going out more often or spending time with a new group of friends?

Yes, and this is a new behavior.

No, my partner goes out as much or as little as usual and hasn’t started hanging with new people.

I’m not sure, but my partner does seem to be gone a lot more than before.

Has your partner stopped complimenting your attractiveness?

My partner never really did compliment me on my looks.

Yes, there has been a sudden drop in compliments.

No, my partner still compliments me as much as before.

Has your partner started being rude to you or more disrespectful than usual?

My partner was always a little rude – no surprise there.

My partner has been more rude or disrespectful than usual.

My partner has always been polite and kind to me, and that hasn’t changed.

Has your partner started refusing to talk about the future, or have they started being very vague or changing the subject when you bring it up?

Yes, and this is a recent behavior change.

No, my partner and I talk about the future all the time and nothing has changed there.

Maybe. Something seems a little different in the way we discuss the future, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Does your partner seem more distant and/or angry than before?

Yes, for sure.

No, not really.

Yes, but they are dealing with a big change or tragedy in their life (such as a death of a loved one or job change).

Has your partner started to complain that you are too controlling?

Yes, and it’s a new behavior.

Yes, but it’s been going on for years.

No, my partner would never say that about me.

No, but they used to tell me that all the time.

Has your partner recently been going on more business trips or otherwise going out of town more often?

Yes, but there are verifiable reasons for this and I have proof of that.

Yes, and I’m a little concerned about it.

Yes, but I’m pretty sure it’s work-related, or I believe the reasons that my partner gives for the trips.

No, my partner has not started traveling more than usual.

Has your partner suddenly developed a new interest in their appearance, going to the gym, buying new clothes and/or wearing cologne or perfume they didn’t before?

Yes, and this is totally a new thing.

My partner always took care of their appearance and nothing has changed there.

No, my partner doesn’t care about how they look and they never have.

Have you been sick lately more than usual?

Yes, and my partner has been there for me as always.

Yes, and my partner hasn’t been supportive. They seem to be too busy to be there for me.

No, I’m fine.

Does your partner become aggressive or defensive when you ask questions about what they are doing or where they are going?

Yes, and it’s a new behavior.

Yes, and they say I’m controlling. But they have always been this way.

No, never.

Does your partner hide their phone and/or keep it locked without giving you the password? Do they freak out when you try to look at the phone?

No, my partner is really open about what’s on their phone and never hides it from me.

Yes, my partner has recently started being very private about their phone.

My partner has always been really secretive about their phone – this is not new.

Is your partner flirty with others?

Yes, and this is a new behavior that really bothers me.

Yes, but they have always been that way, and it does not bother me.

No, my partner respects me and wouldn’t do that.

I suspect my partner flirts when I’m not around, but they wouldn’t do it in front of me.

Has your partner seemed to be happier or more euphoric than before?

Yes, but I know why – some good things have been happening in our life.

Yes, and while it’s been refreshing, I’m not sure why it’s happening.

Yes, and it’s confusing or annoying to me.

No, they are as happy or unhappy as always.

No, they suddenly seem super angry and critical of me.

Has your partner stopped answering your calls or calling you as much as usual?

Yes, they are suddenly unreachable all the time or some of the time.

No, we talk as much as before.

My partner stopped calling me at certain times they used to call me.

Have you been feeling like something just isn’t right with your relationship? Like a gut feeling you can’t seem to shake?

Yes, at least some of the time.

No, never.

Has your partner started doing new moves in the bedroom?

Yes, I’ve seen quite a few new moves lately.

No, sex is the same as always.

Yes, but we are exploring new sexual things together. By Angela Atkinson