How to keep your gym shorts from riding up

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It is so very frustrating when you are exercising and your gym shorts keep riding up into your crotch area.

At home in front of the husband and kids is one thing. However, when you go out for a jog or riding your bike around the neighborhood and are constantly messing with your shorts it can be quite embarrassing to say the least.

So how do we stop our gym shorts from going places we don’t want them to go? I only know of one sure fire way which is to wear spandex shorts. Yes, I am aware that those are probably the most unflattering type of shorts to wear for anyone trying to lose weight.

However, put on your spandex shorts and then your normal running shorts over those. This way you have no problems with your shorts riding up and you will still feel comfortable as well.

Have a great way that you use to keep your gym shorts from riding up?  Message me!  We want to know!


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