Organization doesn’t stop at the fridge.  Join me today as we discuss how to organize our freezer.

Getting your freezer organized will make cooking more efficient and your food will be easily accessible.  Both of those things save money and time. Imagine taking a quick glance into your freezer and being able to see what you do or do not have available.  This makes planning dinner or going grocery shopping simple and easy.

Begin by removing everything from your freezer and breaking it up by category.  Beef, chicken, sausage, bacon, snacks, ice cream, fruit, and pizza are a few of my main categories. Take a moment after all the food is removed to do a quick wipe down of the freezer to get it ready for restocking.

Now that you know how many categories you have to grab some bins.  I like to get my bins at the dollar store. Label each bin with the type of food that will be placed inside.  This way if you have an empty bin you can easily see it at a glance and know not to make a certain something for dinner or you will know what you need to buy at the store.

Your freezer is not only organized now but it is also pleasing to look at and efficient.

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