Did you know that understanding the nature of (not to mention the statistics about) narcissistic personality disorder can be really useful for you if you’re a survivor of narcissistic abuse in a relationship?

It’s true!

But why does knowing about NPD, narcissism and narcissistic abuse help in recovery?

Oh, you mean besides the fact that it can help to create better outcomes for you as a survivor?

Yes, I mean that literally – and that is, according to one study I read, “in addition to creating improved outcomes for those who are suffering with this mental health condition.”

How about that? So, in the spirit of creating added understanding, the following are important statistics about narcissistic personality disorder that may be helpful for you if you’re struggling with narcissistic abuse and gaslighting – and they will help you by teaching you to understand and identify the issue – that is, like I always say, the very first step to recovery.

  1. NPD is estimated to have affected 1% in the general population and 2-16% in clinical populations.
  2. A study was published in 2009 that suggests the incidence of NPD had more than doubled in the US in the prior 10 years, and that 1 in 16 of the population have experienced NPD.
  3. Anecdotal evidence suggests that narcissists may be common within the financial sector as they are “able to make quick, bold decisions without any thought for the consequences these might have on other people.” (Donald Trump, anyone?)
  4. Narcissistic personality disorder can be co-morbid with DSM Axis 1 major depressive disorders.

What new things have you learned about narcissists lately?

Share your knowledge and experiences in the comments below – or tell me what you need to learn about so I can cover it in an upcoming post!