How to manage long hair when exercising

Stock ImageHaving long hair and a love for exercise can quickly turn into a love – hate relationship between the two.

Knots, tangles, and crazy hair awaits at the end of each sweat session. It doesn’t matter if you are jogging, doing cardio, or riding your bike it always seems like your hair doesn’t want to cooperate.

After trying many different methods of keeping my hair out of my face without breaking or damaging it I am here to share my secrets with you.

Don’t try to fight with your hair, embrace it!

Try putting your hair in a pony tail at the top of your head. Brade the ponytail and place another hair tie at the bottom.

Then simply twist your ponytail around itself on the top of your head until it forms a bun.

Place another elastic hair tie (or two) around your bun to securely hold it in place.

Remember to remove the hair ties before getting your hair wet in the shower.

If you do get “crazy hair” grab a wide tooth comb to work out the knots. Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up when brushing.

This helps get the knots out rather than create one big knot. Remove all accessories before getting your hair wet. Lastly, to make your hair easier to brush try doing to with wet hair.

Have any tips on how to handle long hair when exercising? Message me and let me know!

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