What is mindfulness and how can it help you as a survivor of abuse? There is a short 5 minute meditation at the end so stay tuned ! Thank you to Paul Weinfield for talking to me today and for his guided mindfuness meditation. Paul’s book, “The Magpie Art: Gathering the Brightness of Every Day” can be found at Amazon or many other retail locations online, or check your local bookstore. It is a really wonderful book with so much insight and beauty, I highly recommend it.

Thank you to Hillary Younger for the amazing image used during the meditation. Check out her work if you have not already!!

For information about Lise Colucci and how to schedhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCucy… coaching, group coaching or to call in as a survivor on a future you can find her here http://queenbeeing.com/lise/

http://queenbeeing.com/mindfulness-what-is-it-plus-how-it-can-help-after-trauma-and-a-short-meditation/ By Lise Colucci