With MUTU we have to walk daily. They suggest 20-30 minutes of walking. I broke out my Fitbit and am doing my 10,000 steps all in one go. That is my walking for this program. Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get all those steps in. That does mean me leaving the house to go outside and walk around my property until my Fitbit starts vibrating on my wrist saying I am done.

Yesterday not only did my daughter, Logen, join me in my walk but our barn cats did too. About 2 months ago we got 6 kittens with the intent that they will become barn cats for us and help keep the mice away on our 40-acre property. The kittens have since become teenage kitties and we are so in love with each of them.

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We have Zelda, Link, Smokey, Rhea, Apple Butter, and Meowna Lisa. Meowna Lisa is a long-haired kitty and she prefers not to go outside. Meowna is now our only indoor cat. The other 5 have successfully graduated to living outside in our barn and roaming the property at will. They love being outside cats and show us daily how much they adore us for bringing them home to live here. Yesterday’s walk was a perfect example.

Logen and I decided to walk around the block. We live on a 120-acre block of land. We own 40-acres ourselves and the remaining parts are divided among 3 other families. Well, Logen and I thought we would walk around the block and see if that got us half way to our 10,000 step goal. So, off we go walking down the driveway. Now, you can imagine that if someone lives on 40-acres then their driveway is like a half mile long and you are not wrong. Logen and I get 3/4 the way down the driveway and we’re just chatting away when we hear the first kitty’s meow and turn our heads. Behind us are Zelda, Link, Smokey, Rhea, and Apple butter. All 5 cats are following us on our walk.

I instantly decide that we cannot walk around the block. We must only walk on the property because I want the cats to know where home is and not stray too far. I know some straying is inevitable, however, I just want to do my best to keep them safe. Cat mama nerves ya know? The two of us automatically walk to the end of our driveway and turn right staying on the property but along the line. We walk in a big circle and you know what?! Those cats followed us the entire time and it was the most adorable thing ever.

First, Smokey, Zelda, and Rhea did not follow us through the gate and instead started walking along the side of the fence until we got to the lake. Then they started freaking out noticing all the rest of us were on the other side. Rhea automatically goes right through the fence holes and comes to us. Zelda watches Rhea and follows suit. Then we come to Smokey who wouldn’t even move from his spot under the tree. By this time Link notices what’s happening and stops to start meowing like a screaming woman at Smokey to come on and at us to stop because Smokey was having a hard time. Link refused to move and refused to let us move from our spot. Eventually, Smokey figured out that all he had to do was walk through the fence holes but that brotherly love was a beautiful site to see.

Then Zelda and Apple Butter decided Logen and I needed to stop and take a break. We had walked enough. They both laid down and stopped walking. When Logen looked back and called for them they wouldn’t come. Finally, after we kept walking we saw them running up over the hill after us only to have them lay down right in front of our feet making us stop. We started laughing. We kept walking but them cats were ready for a break and some attention from their humans.

I really enjoyed my MUTU experience yesterday. It may have only been day 1 but I look forward to my walk with the cats today. I sure hope they continue to join us, entertain us, and love us as we enjoy this warm August air together.