New Research Says Child Discipline Techniques Will Affect You for Life – The American Academy of Pediatrics says some forms of child discipline can cause brain damage.

After Adrian Peterson and assemblyman Joaquin Arambula recently found themselves in the news due to the way they chose to discipline their kids, new research leads us to ask what is the right way to discipline a child? How do you positively affect child development without allowing them to display bad behavior? Parenting tips, plus information on new research and what it means for adult children of narcissistic parents.

Here’s the new research: The American Association of Pediatrics issued a new policy statement, published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, in which it recommends that adults caring for children use “healthy forms of discipline” — such as positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, setting limits and setting expectations instead of a wide variety of other forms of punishment that were previously considered acceptable.

The policy statement updates guidance published in 1998 that recommended “parents be encouraged and assisted in developing methods other than spanking in response to undesired behavior.”

“In the 20 years since that policy was first published, there’s been a great deal of additional research, and we’re now much stronger in saying that parents should never hit their child and never use verbal insults that would humiliate or shame the child,” said Dr. Robert Sege, first author of the policy statement. By Angela Atkinson