People keep asking me what my New Year resolution will be for 2019. I have been doing a lot of thinking about it and decided this will be the year of perfection.

I want to be perfect.

I will finish losing the extra weight. I will stop biting my nails. I will stop being so harsh on people who do not live up to my expectations. I will commit to making myself healthier. I will visit the doctor (first time in YEARS). I will focus on ME!

My daughter has recently been doing the weight loss thing and I want to support her in those efforts as well as parallel my own goals that I set for myself.

Can I do it? Um… YES!

I always said that you need to want something else MORE than you want the addiction you face. In order to “change” your need to change must be greater than your need to… eat sugar, bite your nails, or whatever your personal issues are.

I want so badly to be perfect. Not like perfect as in I don’t make mistakes or fart. I mean perfect as in having the ability to own my mistakes, learn from them, and not run away. Perfect as in I got my shit together. I can successfully “adult” and not feel ashamed of my past or what brought me to where I am today.

Join me on my journey. It begins right now.

I am off to do yoga with my oldest daughter because everyone is supposed to exercise 3-4x a week to stay healthy and I wouldn’t be perfect if I didn’t.

Lose Weight
Stop Biting My Nails
Think Before I “Use That Tone Of Voice”
Break My Sugar Addiction
Own My Past
Learn From Mistakes Instead Of Pretending I Don’t Make Any
Pay Off Debt
Be A Great Mother
Strengthen My Marriage