We all know we aren’t supposed to lay in the sun (at least not without serious sunscreen) and that tanning beds should really be illegal. 

(But, the way we look with just a touch of sun on our face! How we can even skip the makeup sometimes?)

But nothing! The dangers of sunbathing are well documented which is why there are all kinds of ways to get your skin to the desired bronzed-goddess place we all want.

Whether it’s because we want privacy or because we like to save a few bucks, at-home tanning is becoming increasingly popular among women.

Who can blame us? We know we look better with a little color – but we also don’t want to get skin cancer. So no worries* – we can use at-home self-tanner. 

TIPS for Flawless and Safe Application

Follow these simple steps to ensure you achieve a perfect looking sunless tan at home. 

Before you apply – do a skin test!

(a) If you have sensitive skin, do a quick test on a small patch of skin the day before you applyto the entire body. Obviously, don’t proceed with applying it to your entire body if your little patch breaks out. (Sorry – I know it should be obvious, but just in case!)

(b) Exfoliate thoroughly and preferably for 2-3 days prior to the self tan application. This will give a smoother surface for the fake tan to be applied and will prevent the tan becoming patchy and uneven.

(c) Moisturise on a daily basis, preferable using a moisturiser that is from the same brand as the self tanning product. Avoid oil based moisturisers which can prevent absorption of self tanning products making them patchy and uneven.

(d) Remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hours before applying the self tan.

(e) Remove hard skin from heels of feet.

Before You Start

(a) Remove all traces of make up with a non oil based cleanser or make up remover.

(b) Remove jewellery.

(c) Do not wear perfume, deodorant or oil based body lotion.

Application Instructions

Step 1: Exfoliating
Exfoliate the entire body using a generous amount of exfoliating product, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, hands, feet and ankles. Once the product has been rubbed thoroughly into the skin it can either be mitted, sponged or rinsed off. Dry the skin thoroughly.

Step 2: Moisturizing
Apply moisturising body lotion all over the body, paying particular attention to drier areas including the elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands. Leave to absorb thoroughly.

Step 3: Sunless Tan Application
(a) Wear gloves to protect the hands from staining.
(b) Apply a small amount of fake tan to the fingertips, and apply to the face in small circular movements. Blend the product over the entire face, as if applying foundation. (c) Apply minimum product around the eyebrows and hair line, to the ears and behind the ears.
(d) Apply the product evenly to the neck and shoulders, again working in small circular movements down towards the arms.
(e) Bend the elbows, and apply minimum product to elbows working down towards the lower arm and apply evenly.
(f) Apply product to breast area if required working down towards the stomach.
Bend knees and sweep only minimum product over knees.
(g) Apply a generous amount of product evenly to upper and lower legs but again using minimum products over the ankle.
(h) Sweep minimal fake tan over the feet, avoiding contact with the nails and soles of the feet as this may cause staining.
(i) Ask someone to help you apply self tan to your back.
(j) Take off one glove and sweep it across the other hand. Take off the second glove and sweep it over the other hand gently. Avoid getting product on the nail plate and palms of the hands as this causes staining.

Step4: Allow to dry thoroughly without coming into contact with water

While Tan Develops

(a) Wear loose clothing and no footwear if possible
(b) Avoid perspiration by avoiding exercise and heat
(c) Keep the skin completely dry
(d) Do not apply any other toiletries or beauty products
(e) Do not shower for at least 6-8 hours. Preferably apply before bed and shower in the morning.

After the tan has developed avoid using the following beauty products:

(a) Harsh exfoliating products and facial scrubs
(b) Products that contain AHA


Disclaimer – Nothing here or anywhere on this site can be taken as medical or health advice, so check with your physician before following any advice or information you find at QueenBeeing.com or anywhere else online.

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