I don’t know about you, but personally, I prefer to wear a little makeup when I’m out in the world, and while I tend to minimize it in the summertime, I still want to offer Mother Nature a hand sometimes.

I’m not getting aNY younger, y’all.

Anyhoo, the other day, I was at my kids’ swim meet. Since I had volunteered to be a timer, I had to stand in the sun for three hours. Of course I had sunblock on, but by the end of the event, I had totally melted. I looked pretty soggy, I can’t lie.

See what I mean? I started the event with a simple updo and minimal makeup.

Stop Summer makeup melt

But within a half-hour of sweating in the 90-something degree heat, before even starting the race-timer stuff, I looked like this.

Poolside makeup fail

It’s not pretty, y’all!

So, I found this quick but useful article in which celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter is offering her expert tips on keeping your makeup fresh and perfect this summer. I’m not technically or even partially an expert on thisnone, so I’ll pass you along to someone who is for this one. 🙂


Visit this link to read her tips!