Even though I know suffering and pain, I choose to be happy. Even though I have to deal with sadness, I pursue joy.

I realize the most important strategy to achieve happiness is to choose this path.

I make the choice to stay positive during challenges. I choose to focus on the good things despite the negativity around me.

Whatever happens, I am still in control of my emotions.

I get to decide how I feel. I get to select how I react to the words and actions of others. I am responsible for my own happiness.

I know happiness is a conscious decision.

Both my mind and body play a role in the joy I feel. I let go of fear, worry, pain, anxiety, stress, and jealousy. I avoid sorrow and anger. I get rid of resentment before it builds up.

I feed my happy side with positivity.

I pay attention to my judgments, criticisms, or negativity. I notice my moaning and stop it before it affects my happiness. I constantly express gratitude. I see the wonderful things in my life and thank the universe for them. This gratitude increases my joy.

Today, I decide to be happy. I am in control of my emotions and feelings. I choose joy over sadness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I stay happy during stressful situations at work, home, or other places,

2. What can I do to maintain my happiness without creating a fake veneer of joy,

3. How can I encourage my family and friends to be more positive,