Have you ever met someone who was always happy to help you out of a jam, but who always did so with strings attached? You know the kind I mean. The ones who will cover your rent when you lose your job, or who will loan you a few bucks for groceries when you’re a bit short because you had to pay for something unexpected. Or maybe you know someone who gives big, expensive gifts, or who makes generous, sweeping gestures that impress everyone they know. Or someone who would “literally give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.”

Or someone who isn’t really even much of a giver, but who very occasionally demonstrates a monumental act of kindness, or who saves the day in some unexpected but somehow life-saving way every now and then?

If you ever met a generous narcissist, one who goes out of their way to be charitable in some way or to “save the day” whenever possible, you know that there are nearly always strings attached to any kindness they dole out.

This kind of person is called an “altruistic narcissist,” or one who uses their ability to give as a way to gain control of the people around them.

We are going to cover that in this video, plus ways to deal with an altruistic narcissist.

https://queenbeeing.com/the-altruistic-narcissist-gives-with-strings-attached/ By Angela Atkinson