Video by Angie Atkinson


By Jenney Moore

“…but what about all the nice times?”

These things contrived as seeming “nice” or “romantic” are purposefully just that….contrived. These are also often referred to as “hoovers” (referencing being sucked in like a vacuum would do).

This is a manipulation tactic designed to precisely position a target for abuses to come at the moment of utmost vulnerability. This makes the abuser feel powerful, and power is the abuser’s drug of choice…and they purposefully dangle what seems to be our sparkling desires to ensnare victims.

Think of fishing lures..beautifully crafted and painted to painstaking detail to look like desired nourishment to the fish. But cleverly hidden is the sharpened, barbed hook…and immediately thereafter, disembowelment and a hot skillet. The fish is destroyed for seeking to be nourished.

“Nice” is a fishing lure for the victim. By Angela Atkinson