Toxic Family Manipulates CPS, Police to Kidnap Woman’s Children: Narcissists in relationships of any sort are difficult, but in this case, a family riddled with NPD (or other cluster B personality disorders) has used manipulation to literally kidnap this woman’s children.

Nalona’s website

“My name is Nalona. I’m the mother of two truly wonderful children, Carpenter Levi, age 16 and Violet Pearl, age 10. I’ve been a single mother for thirteen years and have managed, through many trials, to provide better than average housing for a single mother and better than average care for them. I have raised them in an exceptional way because it has always been important to me that they grow into exceptional adults. I come from a very dysfunctional family and doing things differently and better has always been priority for me in the raising of my children. I don’t mean to brag, but my children have turned out to be brilliant, creative, talented, good-mannered, polite, and all around, amazing. They are all that
has mattered to me for the last seventeen years and every major decision I have made, has been made with what was best for them in mind. My children have been (somehow legally) kidnapped by my sister who lives 2500 miles away from me. She made up lies about me in order to accomplish this and despite providing authorities with no evidence whatsoever to back her claims and me providing solid evidence to disprove them, she has managed to have them removed from my custody and placed into hers. Her motivation is control, spite and money.” By Angela Atkinson