Why We Pick Difficult Partners (How You Keep Getting Into Toxic Relationships with Narcissists) – Are you a narcissist magnet? Do you always attract difficult or toxic partners? Do you find yourself choosing someone who may have NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) time and time again and you don’t know why? Are you tired of putting up with the gaslighting and drama? If you can relate, this video is for you.

Like many empaths, I’ve often wondered why we pick the wrong partners myself. As it turns out, narcissists in relationships can be very charming and inviting at first – but watch for these red flags and learn why we pick difficult partners and how you can stop doing that – plus, get a list of five quick tests you can use to learn how to spot a narcissist early in a relationship.

https://queenbeeing.com/why-we-pick-difficult-partners/ By Angela Atkinson